Peachy elegance
Peachy elegance
30 November 2023

What gres tiles should be combined with Peach Fuzz, the Pantone color of 2024?

Every year, the world of design eagerly awaits the Pantone Institute’s announcement for the color that will dominate trends in fashion, art and interior design. For 2024, the choice fell on the warm and energetic shade called “Peach Fuzz 13-1023”. This vibrant color, reminiscent of a ripe peach, is not only the embodiment of optimism, but also a symbol of warmth and home-like comfort. See what gres tiles will match the designs with this unique motif.

What exactly is Peach Fuzz?

The 2024 choice for the color of the year  – “Peach Fuzz 13-1023”, is a balance between delicacy and dynamism. Its delicately pastel, but clearly saturated nature that’s reminiscent of a ripe peach evokes a sense of optimism. With its subtlety, it introduces an atmosphere of peace and relaxation into the interior, and at the same time, due to its spontaneity, it stimulates positive emotions and adds energy. It’s a color that inspires creativity and openness to new ideas. When designing a space, “Peach Fuzz” can be both, a subtle accent and a dominant element all at the same time. Its warm character makes it perfect for places that require a bit of coziness, such as bedrooms or living rooms.

Which gres tiles will match this fruit inspired interior?

When creating a cohesive space, where peach will sit first chair, you should carefully look at all the other elements in the house. The wide range of gres tiles includes models that perfectly complement Peach Fuzz.

The selected tiles for the floor or wall should either harmonize with the warmth of this shade or create an interesting contrast with it. If you’re looking for something that will match this shade, you can turn to beige tiles. Tiles from the Endless Time Beige collection that have a rich, heterogeneous pattern, also have delicate hints of orange undertones that will look great when paired with color 13-1023. If we are looking for something even more delicate, Dignity Beige will certainly guarantee that.

In turn gray tiles, especially in the lighter tones, will create an elegant balance with the cheerful character of Peach Fuzz. For that effect, it’s worth paying attention to tiles from the Ceppo Nuovo Silver collection or to the Brazilian Quartzite Natural stone tiles. White gres tiles with a marble pattern (like those from Marmo Thassos) can serve as a neutral, but at the same time a very original backdrop, allowing the depth of this saturated color to be defined. Dark shades such as anthracite or black can create a strong, modern effect. Colors from this group will emphasize the dynamics of the peach hues and create a contrast that adds depth and visual complexity. When choosing wall or floor tiles in the “Peach Fuzz” color, it’s important to remember to maintain design balance and harmony in the entire space.

Wood-like tiles… are they a fit here?

When it comes to interior design while using the 2024 color winner, it’s impossible not to mention wood-like tiles. However this approach, just like all the other ones, requires tiles that will harmoniously combine with the warm and energetic nature of the peach color. Collections with light wood patterns, such as Guardian Wood Light Beige or Nickwood Bianco, that have delicate, almost pastel tones, will subtly contrast with the vivid orange-pink shades to create a coherent, relaxing space. Patterns with delicate, irregular wood graining will enliven the whole design and add an element of coziness to the interior. For people who prefer more expressive and modern solutions, dark wood-like gres, such as Nickwood Marrone, will be an ideal choice here. Intense, deep tones will bring an effective contrast to Peach Fuzz, which will in turn emphasize the modernity and the dynamic nature of the design.

Dotting the ‘i’,  meaning: accessories

Once we have picked the right tiles for the living room, bathroom or other areas of the house, it’s time to choose the accessories and furniture pieces that will make the rooms come alive. How about placing a upholstered, cream colored sofa against the peach wall? A soft carpet on the floor together with a metallic coffee table will complement the composition with effortless elegance, and designer paintings or posters will add an interesting, modern element.

The key to creating the perfect interior in “Peach Fuzz” shades lies in the skillful combination of subtlety and boldness. This creates a visually attractive combination reflecting the personality and lifestyle of its creators. After all, design is more than just pretty objects – it’s a great way to express one’s true self.