How to Integrate Stairs into the Living Room Layout?
How to Integrate Stairs into the Living Room Layout?
19 November 2019

How to Integrate Stairs into the Living Room Layout?

Stairs in your living room are worth making the extra effort so that they become a vital part of the spatial arrangement. How can this be achieved? Properly selected floor tiles and porcelain tile treads can make this really easy. Which style should you choose to get the right effect? Check out our inspirations.

Stairs in the Living Room: Show or Hide?

This is the key question to answer while planning the design of this space. Just remember that both these strategies can be easily achieved with floor tiles. If you want to “mask” the stairs, simply choose porcelain tile treads with the same colour as your living room floor. To make them stand out, use a contrasting style. Both options have their advantages. It all depends on your stylistic preferences. Keep in mind:

  • stairs that blend in with the arrangement make the space seem visually larger and give it a sense of “continuity,” and give the interior a hint of subtle, subdued atmosphere;
  • stairs with a contrasting finish attract attention and will be the focal point of the whole design, so they are better suited for spacious interiors with a designer feel.

The decision is yours to make!

Porcelain Tiles on Stairs – What Makes Them the Best Choice?

You can use different materials to finish the stairs in the living room. However, the most popular choice is porcelain tiles. There are several reasons for this:

  • they are resistant to mechanical damage – which is important especially due to the intensity of foot traffic,
  • they have non-slip surfaces,
  • they are easy to keep clean,
  • they are available in a wide range of designs, which makes it easy to harmonise with the floor tile design.

Also note that special porcelain tile treads matching the shape of the stair can also be used. In many cases, they contain special grooves that provide additional protection against slipping.

What Kind of Stair Finishing should you Choose?

If you are looking for interesting stair finishing ideas using tiles, take a look at the solutions designed by Cerrad. Some of the collections you might want to consider are:

  • Mattina Sabbia – a wood-effect tile with a clear grain pattern and a classic, slightly rustic finish; this collection includes V-Shape treads, which allow you to subtly blend the stairs into the interior layout;
  • Cortone Crema – extremely subtle wood effect tiles, excellent for Scandinavian and modern interiors; they visually enlarge the living room – especially if they are also laid on the stairs; this collection also includes V-Shape treads;
  • Batista Desert – a collection inspired by natural stone; minimalist and very versatile, in a warm sandstone shade; treads contain special anti-slip grooves;
  • Batista Dust – a more industrial in its character than the Batista Desert, in a light grey shade; excellent for modern living rooms with a designer feel.

Explore our other collections including porcelain tile treads and find the perfect finishing for your living room!