How do you fashionably design kitchen walls? We’re here to help.
How do you fashionably design kitchen walls? We’re here to help.
1 September 2019

How do you fashionably design kitchen walls? We’re here to help.

Before deciding on what kitchen furniture, equipment and accessories you would like, it is first worth picking the floor and wall designs. 

How do you design kitchen walls?

When we think of kitchen renovations, the first thing that comes to mind are the floors, furniture and household appliances. However, there is one more very important element which must match the rest of the room: the walls. They are responsible for creating a particular style, provided they have been properly designed.

Brick, wood, stone and architectural concrete are among the current trends in kitchen wall materials,  Each of them offering their own unique style and look:

  • brick has soundproofing qualities, and it is an impressive and practical solution since a brick wall matches most floor tiles,
  • wood gives a warm and cosy character,
  • stone is a timeless solution that makes the kitchen look stylish and trendy,
  • architectural concrete provides a modern style and looks good in a minimalistic interior.

Furniture vs. kitchen style

To make everything flow together, it is important to match the furniture to the colours and materials used on the floor and walls. In fact, the possibilities are endless since you can choose similar or completely different textures and combine similar or contrasting colours. However, it is a good idea to consider the style of your kitchen, and the look you are trying to achieve first.

For example, with the rustic or classic style, you can combine light brick with white furniture; the result is an interior that is both cosy and bright. If you prefer something more minimalistic, think about architectural concrete and furnish your kitchen using closed cupboards with hidden handles and smooth surfaces. In this case, you can choose any colour you desire. However, experts recommend white, charcoal grey or black furniture with high gloss surfaces, or maybe even furniture in bold colours for a greater contrast depending of what you prefer.

Wall design to match room size

Before deciding on a particular kitchen style, you should consider what materials will be most suitable for the room size. Small interiors should be decorated with light colours, as dark ones may make them visually smaller. Of course, this rule is very general because a lot depends on whether the walls, floor and furniture work well together. Accessories are also important. Remember that bigger floor or wall tiles usually look better in a small kitchen.

Contrary to a popular belief, concrete (or concrete effect) is suitable for small interiors as long as it is brightened with other features in light colours, like the furniture for example. The grey tones of this material combined with white will visually enlarge the space and give it a classy and elegant look. If you have a small kitchen, you can put concrete on one wall, which will make it more exposed.

When it comes to using wood in a small kitchen, its colour should not strongly contrast the colour of the remaining interior elements. This will make the room look a bit bigger. And as a general rule, light wood will usually look better than dark wood when it comes to small spaces.

Stoneware on kitchen walls

Stoneware is a timeless classic, and ideal for use in the kitchen. Its advantages are numerous: it has a high load bearing strength; it is highly resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion and chemicals; and it is easy to keep clean. It can be used for both, the walls and floors.

Cerrad range of products offers some interesting stoneware collections, which are excellent for kitchen walls: