Wood floors or wood-like tiles? See which you should choose.
Wood floors or wood-like tiles? See which you should choose.
3 October 2019

Wood floors or wood-like tiles? See which you should choose.

Wood has always been used in interior design. Its natural texture and subtle colours add a unique touch to any interior. With wooden floors, all designs immediately become warmer and gain a timeless quality. The only question is whether you really need to invest in natural materials if you want this style for your own interior design. Wood inspired ceramic tiles are a great alternative.

Wood floors – a timeless trend

Wood designs are a great choice wherever you want to use them – they work great in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even in bathrooms. Wooden flooring in your kitchen gives it a cosier, homey atmosphere; the living room becomes more sophisticated and elegant; and the bathroom becomes a modern-day spa. Whether you dream of a subtle arrangement with natural overtones or an exquisitely bold design, wood is the perfect choice for you.

Its characteristic design easily fits most styles – from austere and minimalist, to loft-style, to Scandinavian, and even to Provence and rustic styles. All you have to do, to make the perfect design, is choose the right type of flooring material. Today, natural wood is more often than not replaced by porcelain tiles that imitate its look perfectly. Wood-effect porcelain tiles combine the desired aesthetics with incredible durability, which makes them increasingly popular with each day.

Wood floors or wood-effect tiles – which should you choose?

At first you may think that a real wooden floor is always the best choice. But before you make your final decision, there are several factors that you need to consider. First of all, take into account the natural materials ability to resist being affected by moisture or mechanical damage. True, with professional treatment, the right type of wood provides a high degree of protection. However, this solution does not always work – especially in the bathroom or kitchen, where more often or not, it is exposed to increased humidity; or the living room for instance, where the floor is exposed to increased foot traffic.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles are the best alternative to classic floorboards for several reasons:

  • They imitate natural wood perfectly – they are made in sizes corresponding to traditional wooden floor boards, and their texture does not differ much from oak or pine boards; in addition, similarly to real wood, you can arrange them in a herringbone or checkerboard pattern for added authenticity;
  • You can use underfloor heating with them;
  • They are well-suited for places with heavy foot traffic;
  • They are easy to clean;
  • They are available in a wide range of colours – you can easily find a version that perfectly matches your specific design concept.

Wooden tiles – design options

Take a look at the most popular Cerrad tiles to see the diverse design options for wood-effect porcelain and clinker tiles. They include:

  • Cortone Crema – minimalistic, light shade wood-effect porcelain tiles; perfect for modern living rooms and bathrooms;
  • Fuerta Marrone – elegant, dark shade wood-effect tiles; add a touch of class to rustic or glamourous interiors;
  • Mattina Grigio – subtle porcelain tiles; perfect for rooms in rustic, Provence or classic styles;
  • Tonella Honey – colour body porcelain tiles in a warm shade; a perfect match for any interior design.

Check the Cerrad Catalogue for more inspiration, and add a touch of wood to your interior design without worrying about moisture and abrasion resistance.