Which Terrace Tiles Should You Choose? Explore the Possibilities!
Which Terrace Tiles Should You Choose? Explore the Possibilities!
6 November 2019

Which Terrace Tiles Should You Choose? Explore the Possibilities!

The terrace is a unique place where you can rest and relax in the fresh air, while enjoying your privacy. This is one of the reasons proper design of the space is so important. Robust and stylish flooring is an absolute must. What to choose? Here are some of our inspirations.

The terrace, especially in the warmer months of the year, becomes the heart of many homes. This is why you should arrange this area to be a snug and safe place for the whole family.

Wood Effect Terrace Tiles – the Best Choice There Is

The functions of the terrace and the specificity of its surroundings are crucial when it comes to the choice of surface finishing materials. Porcelain and clinker tiles are best suited for use on the floor, since they:

  • are resistant to shifting weather conditions, such as frost, humidity and high temperatures;
  • keep the same look for many years, without losing their original appearance;
  • withstand high foot traffic.

But what about the pattern? Perhaps the terrace of your dreams is covered with wood to make it blend with the natural surroundings? Nowadays, wooden boards, that are extremely susceptible to moisture and regular maintenance, can be replaced with wood effect porcelain tiles terrace. These Cerrad tiles are practically indistinguishable from actual wood! They offer high strength and durability with a style to match your preference.

Cerrad Inspirations

Cerrad’s porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for those aiming for a natural terrace design. The following collections are a great match:

  • Catalea Gris – a subtle, cool shade of wood brightens up the terrace and gives it a touch of rustic charm;
  • Lussaca Nougat – has a distinct, warm and very elegant nutty shade;
  • Mattina Bianco – perfect tiles for rustic or Scandinavian style terraces;
  • Setim Honey – a versatile collection that gives your terrace a hint of timeless elegance.

A wooden terrace floor is a perfect stylish base for designing a rustic, environmental, Scandinavian, Provencal, elegant or classic layout. Wooden railings and flower pots are a great way to complement the whole design.

But remember that wood effect terrace tiles are not the only solution available. Concrete effect porcelain tiles, such as those from the Montego Antracyt collection, are also an interesting choice. This way of finishing the terrace floor – especially in combination with garden furniture made of metal (or pallets) and designer lighting – creates an industrial or loft-style look in perfect contrast with the natural surroundings. For a complete redesign of your home’s surroundings, you can use the Montego 2.0 collection tiles that work great not only on terraces, but also on footpaths and driveways.