What’s the best way to choose floor tiles for a room?
What’s the best way to choose floor tiles for a room?
15 February 2023

Choosing the right type of floor tile can be a challenge.

This element of interior design will remain with us for many years to come, so when making a purchasing decision, apart from purely aesthetic points, you should also take into account the appropriate tile parameters that will make this part of the house not only functional and durable, but also safe to use.

Living room floor tiles

The times when floor tiles were only reserved for spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms have long been forgotten. The wide offer of products on the market means that we can match the right product to any interior style. The design concept is usually the first clue when making choices and the fact that we no longer have to limit ourselves to only choosing between panels and boards opens up vast opportunities for us. Today, wanting to achieve the look of a wooden floor, popular in so many living rooms, that would also work with the atmosphere of a rustic, country or classic home styles, we can reach for products that will not only charm with their beautiful patterns of the real thing, but will at the same time impress with their durability and high resistance to damage. We are talking about wood-like floor tiles of course. Over the years, they have undergone a huge metamorphosis in terms of design and today, it’s safe to say, that they have achieved perfection. The Cerrad brand offers an extremely wide selection of these tiles in various shades and types of staining. Starting from the light and delicate Tonella cream, through Sentimental Wood with its defined graining patterns, and ending with the regally dark Nickwood Marrone tiles. However, it’s not just the patterns that will convince us of its natural look, but the feel of them as well. The structured surface enhances the wood-like effect and makes it difficult to distinguish them from real wood. This is great news for everyone who values ​​functionality as well as aesthetics. And people with houses equipped with heated floors will also love these tiles for their excellent ability to hold and transfer heat.

Matching the floor tiles with the style of your home

When some time ago we invited the concrete motif into our interiors, it turned out that it’s so universal, that it quickly went beyond the initially designated loft or minimalist styles.  These days, it successfully functions in many different aesthetics. Concrete floor tiles are a timeless foundation for a house design and often, they themselves become the main star of the design in the entire space. Fans of this type of design base should pay attention to Modern Concrete Silver, that are: slabs inspired by the “concrete jungle” of New York. Cerrad also offers a slightly more raw and a bit darker Softement Graphite option or a warmer Conrete Beige version.

Floor tiles for the bathroom

Floor tiles for the bathroom come in every pattern, size and color. Do you dream of a bathtub set on a wooden floor without the fear of it getting soaked and damaged by the adverse effects of water? Then the wood-like, high-quality gres tiles are here to the rescue.  The spectacular Marmo Thassos or Calacatta white tiles are recommended for situation such as this.  They beautifully mirror the popular marble motif and are recommended for bathrooms in the glamour, hampton or new modern styles. These products are available in the spectacular XXL sizes (120×280 cm), which allow you to create unusual compositions with them or even use them to create other structural elements (such as table tops, counters or wall decorations). If you want to get closer to nature in your interior design, take a look at the Brazilian Quartzite or Onix Blue tile collections.  Their precise mimicking of the natural stone material will emphasize the organic character of the space and will guarantee the WOW effect!

Floor tiles for the kitchen

In places exposed to spilling, splattering and boiling over, we should think about solid materials resistant to all consequences of everyday life. Floor tiles in the kitchen will not be afraid of mechanical damage and frequent washing, if, while choosing the tiles you pay attention to the increased abrasion class, which should have a rating of at last PEI 3.

An additional advantage here will be the appropriate color and finish choice. If you care about the practical side, do not pick tiles that are too light or too dark.  With the natural stone-like patters of the Ceppo Nuovo Silver or Masterstone Silver tiles, minor amounts of dirt will not be so visible on them thus, eliminating the need for daily cleaning and sweeping. And if you do not want to spend a lot of time on cleaning and wiping, do not go for the high-gloss tiles either.  They add an extra shine, but any small speck of dirt or droplet of water will be reflected by the tile surface just like in a mirror.

Floor tiles are a safe and durable solution that also offer great decorative possibilities. The big advantage is that they can be used in any room, and even on the exterior of the house, which will also help to bring the whole décor concept together. Excellent thermal properties, as well as high resistance to temperatures and damage make them an ideal floor material.