What should you pay attention to when choosing floor tiles for your bathroom?
What should you pay attention to when choosing floor tiles for your bathroom?
1 October 2019

What should you pay attention to when choosing floor tiles for your bathroom?

The bathroom is a special place in your home. It serves as your private spa and fulfils many practical functions; however, it is also necessary to mention that the humidity in bathrooms is usually pretty high. That is why selecting the right wall and floor finish is so important. How do you decide? See what factors you need to take into account when making your decision.

Stone, wood and concrete in the bathroom

There are many styles that can be used in modern bathrooms. However, the most popular design trends refer to the following styles:

  • minimalistic – with a focus on modest forms and large, monochromatic surfaces;
  • Scandinavian and eco-friendly – with clear references to materials such as wood;
  • industrial – raw, inspired by loft designs and other post-industrial spaces;
  • ethnic and glamourous – introducing more colour and pattern variance.

Wall and floor finishes are very important elements for each of the designs mentioned above. The Cerrad portfolio includes models that can be successfully used on both, floor and wall surfaces. What should you choose? In an industrial and minimalistic style for example, architectural concrete will look great; while wood is the right choice for a Scandinavian style; and natural stone is perfect in the case of a glamourous inferior design. Each choice, even though full of positive attributes, can also have some disadvantages. Wood and concrete for instance, are more susceptible to moisture absorption, while natural stone on the floor can increase the risk of slipping. But that does not mean that you have to completely abandon trendy textures, as each of these can be found in the Cerrad portfolio, in the modern stoneware and clinker tile collections!  These tiles are more durable than the natural materials mentioned above, they have much better specifications, plus their design is almost identical. Therefore, you are able to achieve the same aesthetic effect without compromising on the materials durability.

What are the ideal specifications for bathroom tiles?

Design is not the only aspect that is worth paying attention to when choosing porcelain or clinker tiles for the bathroom. Other important factors include:

  • Size – you can choose fashionable large format tiles in the following dimensions: 60 x 60 cm, 80 x 80 cm, 17.5 x 90 cm, 60 x 120 cm or even 80 x 160 cm;

Specific parameters –low water absorption, non-slip properties, resistance to mechanical damage and ease of cleaning; It’s also important to buy 10-15% more tiles than you will need to cover all your bathroom surfaces. This way you won’t run out of materials in the event of possible shortages.

Cerrad Inspirations

If you choose Cerrad’s high quality modern floor and wall tiles, durability is not an issue you need to be concerned with. Below are some of our featured collections that follow the latest trends. These are some of our favourites:

  • Acero Ochra – wood-effect tiles, made of Colour body porcelain tiles in a darker, natural shade. You can combine them with wooden elements and accents, or use them in modern, industrial bathrooms with darker colours.
  • Concrete Graphite – imitation concrete, Colour body mass-dyed porcelain tiles. Perfect for floors and walls in industrial and glamourous interiors. An excellent match for wood-effect or plain white tiles.
  • Tacoma Grey –colour body porcelain tiles. An ascetic, minimalistic design for your bathroom. They can be complimented with decorative tiles for a more vivid touch.
  • Lussaca Dust – subtle clinker tiles that imitate rustic, wooden flooring. Give your bathroom a warm and natural feeling. They are a great match for blue, yellow or cream-coloured Scandinavian style accessories.
  • Mustiq Honey – clinker tiles that imitate a warm, honey shade of wood. Perfect for Italian or glamourous interiors. Combine them with exclusive, sophisticated lighting and bright tiles on the walls for a greater effect.

Of course, these are just a handful of suggestions out of many, many more. So please take a look at the Cerrad Tile Catalogue and find your design concept of choice.