Types and applications of porcelain stoneware tiles
Types and applications of porcelain stoneware tiles
29 July 2019

Types and applications of porcelain stoneware tiles

When dreaming about beautiful, and at the same time durable floors one simply must consider porcelain stoneware tiles. Not only do they meet high durability requirements, but are available in an almost endless variety of colours, a large number of structures and  finishes. Find out which ones are the best choice for your home.

Glazed porcelain tiles – what are their advantages?

Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular wall and floor finishes, both because of their excellent technical parameters and aesthetic qualities. There are many arguments in favour of using these type of porcelain tiles. What you should you know about them:

  • they are durable (high load bearing capacity),
  • they are highly resistant to scratches and mechanical damage,
  • they are slip resistant,
  • thanks to their glazed surface there is no need to apply a protective sealant, nor is there a need for any special maintenance,
  • their high resistance to stains allows for easy everyday care and cleaning,
  • they are UV resistant,
  • they come in many formats (Cerrad offers porcelain tiles in numerous formats, for example: 60x60cm, 60x120cm, 120x120cm, 17.5x60cm, 17.5x90cm, 20x120cm, 20x160cm, or 162x324cm),
  • porcelain tiles are popular due to a multitude of designs (e.g. they can have concrete, stone or wood effect), formats and finishes (e.g. matt, lapatto or a polished finish).

Where can porcelain tiles be used?

Due to the properties of porcelain stoneware tiles they have a large range of applications. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. What surfaces are the porcelain tiles best used for?

Types of porcelain tile finishes

  • matt finish

Due to their neutral nature matt porcelain tiles are perfect for almost every décor style. The tiles can be successfully used on walls and floors – this way we can create a minimalistic design with an industrial touch. A matt finish of a porcelain tile floor (e.g. with wood effect), on the other hand, would serve as a counterbalance for an eclectic space filled with patterns and decorations.

  • lapatto finish

Lapatto tiles allow you to create a surface that combines an attractive shine with an elegant matt finish. See for example our tiles from the Apenino collection that look exactly like concrete. They would complement every décor perfectly.

  • polished finish

Porcelain tiles with a polished finish are considered the most elegant among all ceramic tiles – all because of the beautiful shine and a perfectly smooth finish. When searching for these tiles take a look at our Statuario collection example that looks like marble.

Where can you use these types of porcelain tiles? Everywhere that appearance is a concern, so in the most representative parts of your home. They will work well in glamourous and modern décors.