Trendy bathroom design. What stoneware tiles should you choose?
Trendy bathroom design. What stoneware tiles should you choose?
17 August 2019

Trendy bathroom design. What stoneware tiles should you choose?

If you are looking for a solid, durable and resistant material for your bathroom floors and walls, stoneware is the perfect choice. Especially since it is one of the current trends in bathroom decor!

The latest bathroom trends

Bathroom decor trends are constantly changing. Currently, some of the most fashionable styles are concrete, stone and wood interiors.

Concrete in the bathroom is an option for those who are looking for solid materials that are easy to keep clean. It is cheaper and easier to work with rather than a natural stone, whereas its smooth surface prevents dirt from accumulating in its crevasses. A concrete bathroom will certainly be minimalistic, subtle and muted. Such an industrial interior works well with both warm and cool coloured accessories.

It is definitely an option for those who prefer modern and subtle interiors. However, grey walls and/or flooring can be warmed up with soft fabrics or accessories in vivid colours like yellow or red. Both, light and dark furniture, with light coloured fittings will look amazing in this type of interior.

A stone tile bathroom is timeless and universal. Especially since the stone is available in various colours, providing countless decor possibilities!

Those who prefer classic elegance should consider a bathroom with marble elements. This extraordinary stone is available in different tones, ranging from white and beige to grey and black.

A bathroom decorated with wood provides a completely different atmosphere. Contrary to stone or concrete, wood makes the room feel warm and welcoming, whereas the various wooden tones and deep colours will cater to everyone’s design needs. You should pay attention to the softness of the wood, which breaks falls better than the previously mentioned materials. However, some wood may absorb water and become warped as a consequence. Therefore, choose a type of wood resistant to temperature changes and increased moisture content.

Wooden bathrooms offer numerous design possibilities: wood can be placed on the floor or walls, or maybe just on one wall as an accent. This decor will look great combined with pastel, white, and even stone-effect tiles. The look can then be completed with wicker accessories, such as a laundry basket or a mirror frame, natural sponges and stone soap dispensers or soap dishes.

Finally, the last trend on the list concerns bathrooms with gold and copper accessories. This is an idea for those who fancy bold décor styles. The effect achieved is strongly dependant on the amount and type of accessories used. To avoid excess, you can place gold or copper sink fittings, handles, or discrete decorations such as small bathroom features and lighting. The effect will be incredible, especially against a grey background.

The power lies in the detail

As you may know, bathroom decorations are not just dependant on walls and flooring. Accessories, their colours, style and placement are equally as important, and it’s crucial that hey match the materials used in the room.

Ceramics are one of the most important elements in the bathroom. You can opt for the classic oval shape, or go for something more atypical like rectangular or round shapes.

Of course, another important bathroom element are the fittings. Bath, washbasin and shower taps should match the style of the interior and they should be made of solid materials.

Of course, any bathroom would not be complete without a mirror.

Stoneware: the ideal option for the bathroom

What should you use for your bathroom floor and walls? The prefect solution of course is stoneware. This material is resistant and is characterised by low water absorption. In addition, it’s available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, it’s easy to clean and its appearance does not degrade over the years.

When choosing stoneware suitable for bathrooms, you should take into account these 3 qualities:

  1. minimal abrasion class: 2
  2. water absorption  up to 3%,
  3. stain resistance of at least: class 3 4 ,

Tiles from the Cerrad collection meet all these requirements and are suitable for bathroom décor in one of the trends presented below:

  • Acero ochra and its wooden flooring-effect refers to the traditional style; combined with grey concrete, it will look amazing on the bathroom floor.
  • Concrete graphite is a suggestion for those who opt for a toned-down bathroom with an elegant interior with the cool shades of a concrete
  • Tacoma grey imitates stone perfectly and it will delight everyone who values durability and simplicity in interior design.