Training for architects in Lublin
Training for architects in Lublin
8 July 2022

Cerrad organized training courses for architects in Lublin

On June 21, over 130 Architects and Designers were guests at the unique “Senses on a journey into the world of interiors” event organized by the Cerrad brand in Lublin, at the Arche Hotel. The Impero Bocheński Lublin salon was a Partner at the event.

Lublin was the next location of our one-of-a-kind get together for interior designers. In the stylish interiors of the Arche Hotel, the invited guests had the opportunity to see the latest large-format gres tiles from the Cerrad x La Mania Home line: Brazilian Quartzite, Ceppo Nuovo, Modern Concrete and Marmo Thassos/Morocco. This was yet another fantastic event (in addition to those already held in Kalisz, Łódź, Opole and Rzeszów) organized by Cerrad especially for Architects and Interior Designers.

“The Senses on a Journey into the World of Interiors” is a series of original training courses.  These special get togethers are set up in a way as to engage all our 5 senses during the event.  Through the use of items that inspired a given collection and the characteristic flora, music and menu items, which are referencing Brazil, Morocco, Greece, Milan or New York, Cerrad hopes that our products and the company itself, will be remembered for a long time to come by all the participants.

– We invited our guests on a joint journey, different than before, where the product isn’t just reduced to its technical parameters, formats or looks. We unveiled these new collections before the participants in order to help them create interiors that are full of emotions, where harmonious elements are sure to affect every sense – comments Łukasz Majewski, training coordinator at Cerrad.

The ideal interior does not just consist of a space and the items that are used to fill it up. It’s a whole range of emotions, experiences and feelings that all our senses help us to discover. Marta Siembab knows this very well.  She’s the only Polish senselier, an independent expert who provides comprehensive knowledge related to the sense of smell. During the events, participants can learn about the role that the sense of smell plays in interior design and they get to create their own fragrance during the specially prepared workshops.

The new collections of gres tiles were created in collaboration with the La Mania Home brand, and that’s why it was important for Aleksandra Pietrzyk-Zawadzka, director of brand marketing and communication, to be there and to talk about the project from the fashion perspective.

The Cerrad Group, who is handing over these unique products into the hands of professionals, believes that they will help to create interiors full of emotions and that these latest collections of gres tiles: Brazilian Qurtzite, Modern Concrete, Marmo and Ceppo Nuovo will meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our guests confirmed our beliefs.

– I rate the event at a strong 10. It was a great opportunity to meet many new people from the industry. The presentation of the products was done at a very high level, and the new collections are simply brilliant! I will certainly be using them in my upcoming projects. And the part of the event with the different scents was something completely new for me. I’ve never had the opportunity to participate in such a unique workshop. I’m pleasantly surprised. The idea and the execution of this event were both truly fantastic. I hope that there will be more of these types of initiatives – comments Cezary Myszak, founder and main architect of Dreamup Design.

We would like to thank all the participants and our Partner Impero Lublin.