Traditional material – Modern Design

New collections from the Cerrad brand


Universal, perfectly fitting for classic elegance and minimalistic arrangements just the same. The latest Cerrad brand tile collections are a spot-on investment for a stylish and functional space.

We present 8 of the newest clinker tile collections which will perfectly ornament floors, walls, terraces and façades.  Newest collections: Aviona, Grapia, Listria, Macro, Cerros, Rapid, Saltstone, Torstone were created using new and improved formulas from locally obtained clays.

By picking the tile pattern and shade of your choosing, you can design a space you always dreamed of, a space which will perfectly combine that, which is traditional and beautiful with what is modern, durable and practical.

In order to enjoy a flawless design while at the same time making that design unique and cozy, choose tiles imitating wood.

The color palettes for the latest collections range from various dark ebano and marrone shades, through the subtly natural assortments of beige, sabbia, noce or miele, all the way to the bianco shades of gray.  The tiles are available in the 7″x32″ format.

  • Aviona – Nature inspired design

The wood-like tiles form the Aviona collection flawlessly resemble real wood, reflecting its original color, grain, knotting and texture. They will present themselves remarkably in classic, modern, Scandinavian or rustic designs.

Aviona Beige            Aviona Sabbia            Aviona Brown            Aviona Bianco


  • Grapia – Out of love for tradition

The shade palette for the Grapia collection extends from the dark ebano and marrone assortments, ideal for classic and vintage settings, all the way to the natural noce and sabia options, which will become a harmonious complement to modern and minimalist styles.

Grapia Sabbia            Grapia Noce            Grapia Marrone            Grapia Ebano


  • ListriaIn the shades of nature

Tiles in subtle brown shades will suit any style and color décor, and will combine perfectly with a variety of materials.  They are a perfect choice for that undecided design enthusiast wanting to metamorphose an interior – this tile base allows you to simply change out the accessories in order to in a blink of an eye transform the look and feel of any interior.

Currently, concrete and stone are the trendiest materials used in interior design. They not only look great in industrial loft spaces, but also in those cozy ones interspersed with warm additions.

Listria Marrone            Listria Miele            Listria Bianco            Listria Sabbia


  • Macro – Modern minimalism

The collection is available in three shades of gray – it’s raw and minimalistic. For spaces designed with a modern touch, the concrete inspired tiles from the Macro collection will play the key role in the creative direction taking on the role of the backdrop, and providing the space with unlimited design potential. By also supplementing the base tiles with the 3″x12″ brick-shaped tiles, we can arrange a cohesive and harmonious interior in a variety of styles: from vintage to Scandinavian, industrial or modern. A brick wall and a floor finished with the 24″x24″ tiles from the Macro collection in shades of gray, will fit perfectly in industrial and modern designs.

Macro Grys            Macro Grafit            Macro Bianco            Macro Grafit

A façade plays the building’s representative role, therefore it’s worth making it esthetic, timeless and durable. When designing a façade, it’s worth reaching for stone-inspired tiles from the Cerros, Rapid, Saltsone or Torstone collections. These tiles may also be used indoors, which will create a fluid transition from the outside façade tiles into the interior of your home, a trend that happens to be very hot right now. And thanks to the various shades of gray, beige and brown it will be a breeze to find those that ideally fit your design ideas.


  • Cerros – Design cohesion

Thanks to the Cerros tiles, creating a cohesive and harmonious interior and exterior designs will be a true pleasure. A wall adorned with the 3″x12″, stone-inspired brick tiles will be a perfect match for the 24″x24″ base tiles from the same collection.

Cerros Grafit            Cerros Grys            Cerros Bianco            Cerros Grafit


  • Rapid – Tones of gray

Some time ago, brick was primarily used for facades; today it’s an important element of design that ideally combines aesthetic and functional values of arrangements. The Rapid collection – bricks and 24″x24″ tiles in 4 colors, effectively emphasize the character of the interior. Rapid grit, which resembles raw, stone slabs, will fit perfectly into an industrial and post-industrial spaces, while the subtle Rapid beige will perfectly compliment Scandinavian, rustic or classic arrangements.

Rapid Beige            Rapid Bianco            Rapid Brown            Rapid Grys


  • Torstone Design with character

Thanks to the variety of tile shades in the Torstone collection, it doesn’t take any effort to find those that will perfectly fit your design. You can also add decorative elements to the base tiles, which will liven up the space and give it character with their patchwork accents.

Torstone Bianco            Torstone Beige            Torstone Grys            Torstone Grafit


  • Saltstone – Timeless facade

When designing a façade, it’s worth reaching for tiles from the Saltstone collection, which happen to be inspired by the tarazzo stone.

Saltstone Grafit            Saltstone Grys            Saltstone Bianco