Practical and Stylish Finishing of Your House Walls. Discover Trending Designs
Practical and Stylish Finishing of Your House Walls. Discover Trending Designs
15 November 2019

Practical and Stylish Finishing of Your House Walls. Discover Trending Designs

A beautiful façade gives a house a touch of splendour. If you are wondering which finishing could be right for you, remember that there is a wide range of coverings and patterns available to choose from. If you are looking for a both fashionable and timeless solution, choose imitation stone or brick façade tiles. Discover their advantages.

Façade Tiles – Modern Wall Finishings

Façade tiles are becoming increasingly popular way of finishing the external walls of buildings. They are used for both business and commercial buildings as well as in private homes. Why? Because it is a very practical choice, when you examine the advantages.

High quality clinker façade tiles:

  • are frost-resistant,
  • are highly resistant to sunlight, which is why they keep their original appearance for years to come,
  • are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs – so you can easily find a design that closely matches your aesthetic vision; some collections include façade tiles, window sills, steps, stair tiles for a consistent design of the exterior of your home.

How to Choose the Right the Façade Tiles to Match the Building Design?

Before you choose a specific model, consider the effect you want to achieve. Nowadays, modern, rustic and English style finishes are very popular.

  • A Modern Façade

A modern façade is minimalist. Simplicity of form and lack of adornments add lightness and a designer feel to the building. This effect can be achieved by choosing imitation stone or brick façade tiles. Choose darker colours such as graphite or anthracite to give your building a touch of elegance.

  • A Rustic Charm

Aiming for a country house style with a warm, family atmosphere? This design can be achieved using façade tiles imitating natural stone in a delicate sandstone shade. Those with a white brick effect are just as interesting. Idyllic, welcoming atmosphere and fashionable design guaranteed!

  • English Style

Red bricks can be used to infuse an industrial and loft-style atmosphere, but also that of terraced English houses. If this look is what you desire, this kind of décor would be perfect for your façade. Red brick clinker tiles are always a great choice!

Cerrad Façade Tiles – Find Your Inspiration

Regardless of which style is closest to your original external wall finishing concept, Cerrad has an excellent selection of façade tiles to make your vision come true. Some of the collections you might consider are:

  • Loft Brick Chili – an old brick effect pattern, a great match for both English style houses and those with a touch of rustic flavour;
  • Aragon Sand – a subtle, irregular pattern of natural stone in a sandy shade, an excellent choice for both modern and rustic designs;
  • Kallio Tar – a unique, minimalist design on the edge between stone and brick; perfect for modern façades;
  • Canella Terra – an elegant yet rustic design inspired by natural stone that will make your façade look warm and inviting.

Explore the other Cerrad façade tile collections and find your own idea for finishing the external walls of your house.