Picking floor tiles for a farmhouse-style hallway
Picking floor tiles for a farmhouse-style hallway
3 October 2023

Farmhouse style...

Choosing the right floor tiles for the hallway is a key element in creating a coherent and aesthetic interior. Farmhouse, a style reminiscent of a charming and cozy cottage located in a picturesque countryside, is winning the hearts of those who love interior design trends, all over the world. See what floor tiles will match this arrangement.

First steps towards the farmhouse style

The hallway, which is the first showcase area of every home, needs to have a floor that will be the foundation for the rest of your farmhouse-style design. Without a doubt, the best solution here are floor tiles. A properly selected type of tile will guarantee durability and timeless beauty. These are extremely important features in a place that is the first and last space we see when entering or leaving the house.

Wood or stone? Stone tiles vs wood-like gres

Wood-like gres tiles have become a huge hit in recent years. Their phenomenon is that that they perfectly imitate wood, while retaining all the advantages of ceramic products. Imagine the warmth and coziness of wooden boards under your feet, like the Guardian Wood Honey for instance, but without the worry that they will scratch or stain. Moreover, wood-like gres fits perfectly into the surroundings of a country house design, adding warmth and a natural feel to the interior.

On the other hand, we have the stone-like gres tiles. The choices are abundant, because we have a wide range of products to pick from: from marble, like the Ovation Beige collection, to Brazilian Quartzite Amber, Dignity Beige sandstone, slate and many others.

This material is less expressive than the real wood patterns, so it will fit perfectly into luxurious, elegant and minimalistic interiors.

When comparing both types of floor tiles, it’s worth remembering that wood-like patterns will make the room feel warm, cozy and inviting. It’s the perfect choice if you want people in your house to feel a homey atmosphere right as they enter the place. Stone tiles will bring toughness and elegance to the hallway, but they can make the room seem more formal and raw.

Beige tiles – a universal choice for a farmhouse-style hallway

If you’re a person who values ​​universality and elegance, but who doesn’t want to give up the feeling of warmth and coziness, beige tiles may hit the bullseye here! Why? Beige is a color that perfectly fits the aesthetics of the farmhouse, because it has the power to combine simplicity and sophistication into a functional space. It’ also very easy to pair with other colors and interior elements – from furniture to all sorts of accessories. In addition, beige helps to brighten the space, which is especially important in the hallway. Beige floor tiles, such as the Modern Concrete Ivory or Tacoma Sand, are a perfect compromise between making the place feel formal and that of everyday free-for-all. They’re a perfect choice for those who want their farmhouse-style hallway to feel cozy and elegant at the same time.

Herringbone floor patterns are a great choice!

The herringbone pattern for the floor, which is an arrangement of rectangular tiles in a way that they resemble the bones of a fish, such as the herring for instance, is a pattern worth considering for a farmhouse-style interior. This inventive way of arranging the tiles is not only aesthetic, but it also adds dynamic movement and expression to the space. The herringbone pattern makes the house look stylish right from the entrance. When you think about herringbone patterns, wood-like gres is probably the first thing that pops into your mind, and rightly so! Tiles such as Tramonto Beige or the darker Tramonto Marrone will look great in this fun “zigzag” placement. However, it’s also worth considering other choices. Stone tiles or marble gres tiles will also look great in this arrangement. What’s more, their stone-cold elegance will add class and prestige to the interior.

How does one choose the floor for a farmhouse-style hallway?

Choosing the right floor for the hallway is a key element in creating a farmhouse-style atmosphere. If you value warmth and coziness, wood-like gres tiles are a great solution for you. For those who wish to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their hallway, stone tiles will be a hit. However, beige tiles will be a universal choice that can easily harmonize with many other interior elements.

To make your hallway beautiful and practical, it’s worth finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality. There is no doubt that the farmhouse-like atmosphere is a combination of tradition with modernity, and of warmth with elegance. By choosing floor tiles for the hallway, we’re not only giving ourselves the opportunity to emphasize the character of the style we’re picking, we’re also adding a spark of dynamic energy to our interior. Let us also remember that the hallway is a space that’s meant to welcome us after a hard day and lead us into our comfort zones. Therefore, it’s most definitely worth investing in solutions that are not only beautiful, but also functional.