New series of meetings for architects and designers
New series of meetings for architects and designers
8 July 2022

A new line of porcelain tiles by Cerrad and La Mania Home is now available for purchase.

As part of the marketing campaign, we have prepared special get togethers, during which our guests are invited to discover the new products with the help of sensory awareness.

As part of the collaboration between Cerrad and La Mania Home brands, 4 new gres tile collections inspired by the beauty of Brazil, Morocco, Greece, Milan and New York were created through the joint project. The Ambassador to the project is Joanna Przetakiewicz, creator and owner of the La Mania Home brand. The mixture of experiences resulted in the creation of large-format gres tiles, which surround us with their beauty, soothe our senses and take us into the world of unlimited creative possibilities. We want to show that our surrounding interiors can help us regain balance, have a relaxing effect on us, or on the contrary, motivate us to act, giving back the energy that’s hidden within them. We draw from the world of fashion and travel. We avoid obviousness and repetition. We go beyond the outlines by introducing sensory awareness to it all.

Because nothing creates such vivid memories of our beloved places as our senses. We remember the views, smells and favorite flavors. We return to them with nostalgia for years, we rediscover them during our next visits. We create our own sensory map of the world.

That’s also why, when we present our collections, it must be done so it’s one-of-a-kind. “Senses on a journey into the world of interiors” is a unique project, where a new product isn’t just reduced to its technical parameters. We show architects what we feel when we come in contact with our products. We stimulate and use all the senses to fully reveal the beauty of our new collections: Brazilian Quartzite, Marmo Thassos / Morocco, Modern Concrete and Ceppo Nuovo.

To achieve this state, we’re getting help from specialists. The spaces for these events are always outfitted with items referencing the inspiration for a given collection (characteristic foliage, dishes, tableware, etc.). The participants of the training course are drawn in by the smell of incense and the sounds of music. The sense of taste will set off on an exotic journey after sampling hors d’oeuvre native to Brazil, Morocco, Greece, Milan and New York.

Our events are also an opportunity to meet Marta Siembab – the only Polish senselier – an independent expert who provides comprehensive knowledge related to the sense of smell. She works throughout Europe, training professionals in the perfume industry and translating the language of the senses into practical solutions for business. She organizes workshops on how to create an image through a choice of scents, and sense branding workshops, unique on the Polish market, on designing with senses and the mapping of a space with scents.

During the presentation, we discuss the role of senses in interior designs. Experts will answer questions such as: how to increase the perceived value of the interior with the help of a fragrance? Can a 5D apartment be designed? How do you match fragrances, colors and furnishing elements in an interior? What is the secret of creating a particular mood with a fragrance? And many, many more. In addition, each of the participants of the event is given an opportunity to create their own fragrance, which can be used to bring back memories of this unique get together for a long time to come.

Venture with us into the world of senses. See, touch, feel, hear, taste… and experience the new porcelain tile collections by Cerrad x La Mania Home.