How to Choose Stair Tiles?
How to Choose Stair Tiles?
29 September 2019

How to Choose Stair Tiles?

Both, outdoor steps and indoor stairs must be covered with durable materials that fit aesthetically into the overall décor of the surrounding space. Porcelain tiles are a perfect solution that works well in any arrangement. Wondering which ones to choose? Here are some technical and aesthetic tips to help you make your decision.

Indoor and outdoor stair and step tiles

Stairs and steps – no matter where they are – must have a high load bearing capacity.  They should be durable, non-slip and highly wear-resistant. That’s why it’s so important to choose tiles that are up to the task and have:

  • a high load-bearing and abrasion resistance;
  • a non-slip surface – this is an important specification to minimize the risk of slipping;
  • frost resistance – that’s why they are great for use on outdoor steps;
  • an easy to clean surface.

If you want to use tiles on your outdoor steps, frost resistance, and therefore a low absorption rate of 3% or less, is equally as important.

What are the advantages of using porcelain tiles on stairs?

Porcelain tiles are a very popular solution for both indoor stairs and outdoor steps. The reasons are as follows:

  • Porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of designs – you can easily find tiles that perfectly imitate wood or architectural concrete (so materials which have been very popular for the past few seasons).
  • They are extremely durable, easy to install and clean.

These tiles are an easy way to create a trendy and stylish design without compromising durability or safety.

Porcelain tiles on stairs and steps:

  • Are a great choice for creating a cohesive design with the nearby floors – simply use stair and step treads with the same pattern or style as the base tile (such as those available in the Batista collection);
  • Don’t require any special care – they don’t require any special treatment and can be cleaned with standard cleaning agents;
  • They look like new for many years to come, keeping their original appearance for longer than other finishes;
  • Have a non-slip surface.

Simply choose the right pattern to create a fashionable, sturdy and reliable arrangement.

Imitating wood and concrete on stairs and steps – Cerrad inspirations

Check Cerrad’s collections to see how easy it is to design stairs and steps with wood-effect or concrete-inspired porcelain tiles.

Here are a few select porcelain stair and step treads that are the perfect choice for a stunning design:

  • Tassero Beige – elegant notched treads that go well with concrete texture tiles; they have a warm, versatile shade of beige, and special non-slip notches;
  • V-Shape Cortone Crema – V-shape treads with a phenomenal pattern suggestive of bright wooden planks; ideal for patio stairs, and modern, rustic or Scandinavian interiors;
  • Mattina Sabbia – porcelain V-shape treads with a wood-effect pattern in a warm, light shade; very versatile, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Check out our other collections of stair and step treads along with matching porcelain tiles, and choose the one that suits your style