How do you choose kitchen flooring? See for yourself!
How do you choose kitchen flooring? See for yourself!
28 August 2019

How do you choose kitchen flooring? See for yourself!

When choosing kitchen floors, let’s think about the style of the interior first. Then, choose the most suitable tiles. What is the best approach?

Stylish kitchen – the latest trends

Enthusiasts of light, spacious and simple interiors will definitely love the Scandinavian style, characterised by functional minimalism. Kitchens designed in this style are usually dominated by monochromatic white and grey colours, which are then combined with light, most often wooden furniture.  Then, to add some colour, they are accented with vivid or pastel colours. Flooring is an important element of the Scandinavian style.  In order to keep the flow, the design should be light, have a wooden texture, or be constructed using grey or white tiles.

Those wanting to take it one step further when designing a simple and functional kitchen should consider the minimalistic style. Cooking or eating in such an interior has a soothing effect, as you can easily relax and clear your head. What is more, a minimalistic kitchen is easier to keep clean as there are no unnecessary accessories, everything is hidden, and the geometric form prevails in the decor. Simplicity and harmony are the key here; this style is characterised by a few colours, cohesive furnishing and top-quality materials. Large, shiny tiles on the walls and floor only emphasize the raw decor. This style of kitchen will be ideal for those who value tidiness and who have an open kitchen-living room space.

However, for those who are not fans of these simple designs, but who still like minimalism, we recommend the industrial style. An industrial kitchen is usually spacious and has multiple accessories in dark colours. Its distinctive features are steel elements, open cupboards, bare beams, hooks for kitchen ware and industrial lamps, usually only located above the sink or table. Concrete flooring is usually combined with concrete countertops in this type of kitchen.

However, if this is not your individual style, you may want to choose something completely different, like the English style, where tradition is cleverly combined with modernity. These types of kitchens are warm and cosy, pastel in colour, and full of glass cases and adorable boxes for small items. Stylised, quaint accessories, like a kettle, dinnerware or a coffee machine will only emphasize the desired aesthetics. The floor does have to be light, but preferably covered with wood or tiles in white, vanilla, beige or ecru.

Kitchen flooring from A to Z

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and this is not without reason. This is the place where we gather with the whole family, cook, eat and sometimes even throw parties. Therefore, when renovating or decorating it from scratch, you should remember a few important rules and focus not only on cupboards and accessories, but most of all, on its key element: the floor.

Apart from the aesthetic values and coherence with the interior design, resistance to wear and tear, and durability are the most important qualities of a kitchen floor. All in all, it is a busy place, things often fall on the ground, and everything often gets dirty and needs cleaning. This is why you should choose tiles which are:

  1. abrasion resistant (minimum class 3).
  2. easy to keep clean.
  3. stain resistant (minimum class 4 ).

Interestingly, stoneware tiles are the most popular choice for the kitchen as they are easy to clean, they are resistant to abrasion and chemicals, and of course are durable.

Cerrad inspirations

Cerrad has an amazing range of stoneware tiles suitable for kitchens, some of which are listed below:

  • Mattina beige –floor and wall tiles with a textured surface and beige as a main colour, perfect for the industrial and English styles as they imitate wood,
  • Fuerta honey –floor and wall tiles with a smooth surface and orange as the main colour, which will emphasize the English style as they imitate wood,
  • Batista dust lappato –floor and wall tiles with beige as the main colour, suitable for the minimalistic and Scandinavian styles as they imitate concrete,
  • Apenino gris lappato –floor and wall tiles suitable for kitchens in the minimalistic or Scandinavian styles as they imitate concrete.