Forbes Diamonds 2023
Forbes Diamonds 2023
26 January 2023

Cerrad among winners of prestigious ranking

We are pleased to announce that the Cerrad Group is among the winners of the prestigious “Forbes Monthly Diamonds” ranking for 2023.

This is an annual title for companies that have most effectively increased their value in the last 3 years. In order to receive this prestigious distinction and be included among the winners of the annual Forbes Diamonds list, a company must prove its effectiveness in the building of a strong brand along with the increase in its business value, which is not easy during this time of economic crisis that’s currently taking place globally.


The Forbes Diamonds List is completed by Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o. o. and based on the Swiss valuation method for companies, which combines the asset and income methods.

Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o. o. collects data and based on them, creates databases of businesses to which it has awarded a positive credibility rating. Companies that meet the conditions must also demonstrate a positive financial gain along with the total worth of their equity. The list takes into account companies that have achieved sales revenues of at least PLN 5 million in the last year.

„Cerrad’s strength lies with its excellent team. It’s the driving force for change and the key to success. We’re proud of the fact that we’re creating a strong brand, one that is a source of inspiration for others and is gaining importance in the ceramics industry.”