Façade tiles. The key facts.
Façade tiles. The key facts.
6 October 2019

Façade tiles. The key facts.

The façade of a building is both, its most important visual feature and a protective layer from natural and other such elements. Therefore, choosing the right material is crucial. In recent years, clinker façade tiles have become increasingly popular. Why is this a better solution than an actual brick wall? Find out more.

What are façade tiles?

Clinker façade tiles are a modern material that can be used as a finish for both exterior and interior designs. Remember that not every wall that looks like brick is actually made of brick – façade tiles are able to provide an identical appearance. Although at first glance they look like brick, in reality they are special tiles that can be applied on any type of wall.

Clinker façade tiles fascinate with their impressive designs (with numerous styles available – both inspired by traditional brick aesthetics and patterns that resemble stone), excellent durability, and a quick and easy application.

Brick or façade tiles?

A brick façade is a tasteful and universal solution. It presents itself impressively on modern buildings, as well as on rustic or traditionally decorated dwellings.  Actual brick can easily and successfully be replaced with clinker tiles.

Curious about their advantages over real brick? In a nutshell, high quality façade tiles:

  • look like actual bricks, and not just at first glance – even their physical appearance and feel meticulously imitate the real thing;
  • are frost resistant and can withstand unfavourable weather conditions,
  • are extremely resistant to changing weather conditions, such as high and low temperatures, humidity and sunlight;
  • mark high on the hardness scale, which means they have an excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

How to arrange clinker bricks

Façade tiles imitating clinker bricks are perfect for exterior walls of detached houses, public spaces and many other various buildings. Check some of the Cerrad tile collections to see how versatile their design possibilities are. Here are some collections that may be right for you:

  • Retro Brick Chilli – a classic shade of red brick, with a classic English terraced house feel;
  • Retro Brick Curry – a more universal, warmer shade, great for both modern or classic designs;
  • Retro Brick Salt – in subtle shades of beige and light brown; these clinker tiles optically enlarge your building and give it a timeless look.

Complement the entire arrangement with the Cottage collection tiles – they are perfect for porch floors or patio steps.