Brick background for a terrace with a relaxed ambiance. What is the best way to design it?
Brick background for a terrace with a relaxed ambiance. What is the best way to design it?
22 August 2019

Brick background for a terrace with a relaxed ambiance. What is the best way to design it?

How can you create an aesthetically pleasing space that will not only look great but also remain in good condition despite the changing atmospheric conditions? Find out about our terrace decorating ideas where we use brick as the key element!

A terrace often creates one of the first impression in your home; hence, it is important to design it in such a way that it remains in good condition for many years to come. To ensure such long lasting durability, you should use top-quality materials. As a consequence, you will not have to waste time and money on maintenance; also, keeping the terrace clean will be easier and less time-consuming. How do you get started on designing an impressive, practical and lofty terrace? Let’s begin with the materials. 

Brick wall 

A brick like wall can be made with clinker tiles, which have the specifications that allow for applications on facades: they are tough as well as frost and sunlight resistant. Another advantage of clinker tiles is their appearance, as they resemble brick. How should you apply clinker tiles?

A wall design that looks like brick can give a raw and lofty character or it can be part of a facade designed in earthy colours. It all depends on the tile colour of course. The first look can be achieved with clinker tiles in warm reddish or orange tones, like Retro Brick Chili or Retro Brick Curry. The second look is a neutral effect in beige, that can be achieved using the Honey, Piatto Sand, Piatto Terra collections.  This look will warm up this part of facade, but still keep it looking stylish and innovative.

The clinker tile colour choice is up to you of course, although it is a good idea to match it to the colour of the house facade. Too great a contrast can make it stand out too much from the composition and look unattractive.

Terrace floor tiles

Flooring is the foundation of a terrace and it has to meet several important criteria. First of all, it needs to be resistant to various atmospheric conditions such as frost, rain or ultraviolet rays. This is why the best solutions are stoneware and clinker floor tiles. These materials are frost resistant (dimensional stability), slip resistant and they do not lose colour when exposed to sunlight. In addition, it is very practical choice since they are easy to clean and do not require maintenance work and waterproofing. More importantly, stoneware tiles allow for multiple designs as you can choose from a wide variety of sizes, patterns and colours.

For a terrace with a brick background, the best option is stoneware imitating wood or concrete. The first idea resembles a rustic style, for instance red clinker tiles and wood-effect stoneware. The second, is the combination of light, sandy clinker tiles with concrete to achieve a more modern look.

The power of handy accessories

Terrace decor also needs suitable and functional accessories. No terrace is complete without a table of course. However, keep in mind, that all accessories must be properly treated before outdoors use, or you need to choose materials that are already treated with a protective layer. The same of course goes for the chairs. If you are considering buying a lounge suite for your terrace, remember to maintain it properly and choose materials that have been treated with moisture protection. Fortunately, there is a wide range of waterproof and water-resistant terrace cushions available on the market. You may be tempted by impressive and fun cushions made from other materials, but they are not practical as they will soak through and stain. And let’s not forget about romantic lighting, by choosing some fun LED solar lamps or lanterns. Plants are also a key element on a terrace. Design your own herb garden or use exotic palms as perfect decorations. Green will look great against the red clinker tiles and it will contrast well with their sandy tone.