Beige isn’t boring
Beige isn’t boring
31 October 2023

Why it’s worth choosing beige tiles?

Beige or nude is full of secrets and subtleties. It’s associated with the state of being natural, with peace and elegance, and at the same time with warmth and coziness. In the world of interior design, it plays a key role, often becoming a foundation for many designs. Contemporary interiors that rely on subdued, neutral colors, are sure to find a perfect ally in beige. Why? Because time and again, this color has proven itself to be the perfect backdrop for various accessories and decorations, and it allows you to create both modern and classic interiors. See how to choose the perfect beige tiles for your design needs.

Advantages of beige tiles

When choosing beige tiles, we pick not only  aesthetics, but practicality as well. This color, although it may seem ordinary at first glance, has many advantages. Beige perfectly masks minor specks of dirt, which is appreciated in frequently used places such as kitchens or bathrooms. Another advantage that beige tiles have, is their ability to optically enlarge the space. Light, delicate shades of beige reflect light, which makes the room seem larger and more spacious. This is an ideal solution for small spaces where every square centimeter matters.

Regardless of whether we choose smooth tiles or those with an interesting texture, beige will always add a dab of luxury to the interior, and that’s because this subtle color is associated with sophistication and elegance.

How does one choose the right shade? Beige gres tiles presented several ways

Beige does not mean one color. It’s a whole range of patterns and shades, from light – almost white, like the large format Tacoma White Lappato gres tiles, to dark – close to brown, like in the Concrete Beige slabs. When choosing beige tiles, it’s worth considering what effect we want to achieve and what shades will best harmonize with the rest of the interior. If we dream of a house that’s spacious and full of light, it’s worth going with light beige tiles, like those from the Dignity Gray collection. The room will feel airy and fresh. Light beige goes perfectly with white, gray or pastel colors, creating a harmonious and calm arrangement.

In turn, deeper shades of beige will bring warmth and coziness to the interior. They’re perfect for creating a retro or vintage atmosphere. They go perfectly with dark wood, red or green, adding an interesting accent to the interior.

And let’s not forget about medium-beige. It’s a perfect compromise between light and dark shades. This type of beige is universality in its purest form, so it fits perfectly into a variety of interior design styles.

However, before we decide on a specific shade, it’s really worth testing several different samples in the space where we’re planning to mount floor or wall tiles. This will allow us to assess whether a given color looks good in different light conditions throughout the day and whether it actually harmonizes with the rest of the interior.

Color combinations with beige tiles

Although the color beige itself is subdued and neutral, it can create amazing color combinations that give the interior a unique character. Together with white it creates arrangements that are classic, but with a touch of elegance. In turn, when combined with natural shades of wood, it brings warmth and coziness to the room, which will certainly interest those who love the Scandinavian style. Investors who prefer bold combinations should choose to add black elements to the design, thanks to which they will achieve a modern effect and a clear contrast. However, beige accompanied by green shades and colors is the essence of freshness and connection to nature. Match it with pastels, such as pink or blue, and you’ll create a romantic, feminine interior. The Modern Concrete Ivory gres tiles are perfect for decorative experiments.

Versatility of beige tiles

Beige tiles, thanks to their universality, can be used in many rooms. In the bathroom they create a relaxing atmosphere, they bring harmony to the kitchen, and thanks to their use in the hallway, the space will become brighter. These tiles can decorate walls, floors and even ceilings! In the living room, beige wall tiles can serve as a subtle backdrop for other decorative elements or become the main attraction, especially when we choose products with an interesting texture or pattern, like in the case of Endless Time Beige Lappato. Let’s not forget about our exteriors, such as terraces and balconies. Terrace tiles in a nude shade will harmonize perfectly with lush, green plants and natural materials, creating a cozy corner amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Although beige tiles may seem subdued and inconspicuous at first glance, they’re actually filled to the brim with design potential. Their universality makes them suitable for almost any room from the bathroom, to the kitchen and even to the balcony. Thanks to them, we can create spaces that are not only aesthetic, but also functional and easy to keep clean. Beige is a color that never goes out of fashion. It’s timeless, elegant and classy. By choosing beige tiles, we invest in quality, durability and design that will stand the test of time.