Porcelain pavers collections

A well-kept terrace, a beautiful garden and an innovative driveway are all an advertisement for every home. The structure and nature of such demanding spaces requires the use of materials with suitable properties, impeccable aesthetics and high technical parameters.  So, for those who dream of making those areas around any building into a coherent and long-lasting design, we present the new, 0.79″ thick tile collections which will surely meet all your highest expectations.

The 0.79″ collections are characterized by their resistance to heavy loads, low water absorption and their high anti-slip ranking. Thanks to these properties, they are a perfect choice for terraces, decorative garden paths, gazebos or garage entrances. They can be mounted directly on the ground, whether it be grass, gravel or sand or they can be mounted using special support pads, which allow the designer to create a vast number of arrangement possibilities.

The wide and varied offer portfolio for the 0.79″ tiles is sure to meet the Client’s highest expectations.  Thanks to their high technical parameters, the collections are also ideal for public use spaces.

With the help of tiles from our 0.79″ line, creating a coherent and harmonious design becomes a true delight.