White living room
White living room
20 December 2023

Décor inspirations in the shade of snow

White in interiors symbolizes purity, freshness and elegance. It’s also extremely universal, because it matches any style – from minimalistic to that with rich decor. Living rooms, where white is the dominant color, are like an artist’s blank canvas. They offer endless design possibilities for a space that’s decorated according to an individual’s taste. In this article, we will present some ideas on which gres tiles to choose when creating the perfect white living room. Inspirations are at your fingertips!

Elegance and warmth: white gres tiles, a gateway to your dream interior

White gres tiles in the living room are not only a practical choice, but also an important decorative element that can completely change the character of the interior. When inviting them into your home, the first thing you should do is decide what type of white shade it is that you want. If we go with cool shades with blue or gray undertones, such as in the Tassero Bianco collection, our living room will look fresh and modern. These tiles, combined with metallic accents, glass elements or furniture pieces with simple forms, will create an elegant room that fans of minimalism will absolutely love. What if we want to enhance the whole design with a strong, decorative contrast? Colorful pillows, bright paintings and patterned carpets will perfectly complement the subdued style.

In turn, if we choose warm tones of white, like beige, cream or tiles with a delicate yellow undertone – we can make the living room more cozy. Living room tiles in these shades harmonize perfectly with natural materials such as wood or leather, and they go well with soft textiles. This version of white reminiscent of the cold snow, will surprise you with its pleasant appearance.

From matte to glossy – make the correct choice

The surface finish of floor and wall tiles plays a key role when it comes to the shaping of character for the entire room. White tiles with a matte finish that have a subtle looking surface are perfect when creating an elegant, refined interior. Tiles from the Cambia White collection are just one example. They look particularly good in living rooms dominated by natural materials and textures, such as wood, linen or cotton.

On the other hand, high-gloss white tiles fit perfectly in interiors with minimalistic and modern type décor styles. Additionally, their light-reflecting surface makes the space appear brighter and optically larger.

White tiles – bricks, that will decorate the living room

White brick tiles are a unique decorative element. Their classic color, combined with an interesting form, will bring variety to the entire space in a nonchalant way that will not disturb the room’s spaciousness and brightness. Tiles mimicking the appearance of traditional brick, like those from the Foggia Bianco collection, or the so-called Parisian brick with beveled edges, will work perfectly both, in spaces with modest dimensions as well as in larger living rooms. These small rectangular tiles will be an effective backdrop for modern, minimalistic furniture pieces and will create an interesting contrast between the raw look of the brick and the modern design. They are also an ideal solution for those who want to introduce an industrial element into their interior, but in a lighter, more subtle form from the real thing.

What to combine the white tiles with in the living room?

White gres tiles in the living room open the door to a world of unlimited arrangement possibilities. Their universality allows you to create harmonious compositions with various design elements. First of all, they go perfectly with natural, wooden furniture. Tables, shelves and chairs made of wood look exceptionally stylish against the white tile backdrop, while at the same time bringing warmth and a natural feel to the interior.

Another element that accompanies white tiles exceptionally well are textiles presented in deep, saturated colors. Soft, velvet pillows, heavy curtains or colorful carpets will be perfectly highlighted against the light background. Modern accessories, such as designer lamps, glass tables or everyday furnishing elements in simple forms, combined with the smooth surface of these tiles are also a big hit. A white living room is an excellent foundation for experimenting with various styles and accessories. From raw minimalistic interiors to warm, homely oases – the color of snow gives you the freedom to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically stunning.