Advantages of using porcelain tiles as a flooring material for your terrace.
Advantages of using porcelain tiles as a flooring material for your terrace.
24 July 2019

Advantages of using porcelain tiles as a flooring material for your terrace.

Porcelain tiles are a perfect flooring material for terraces. It is due to their excellent technical properties and aesthetic value – learn the most important advantages of porcelain tiles on terraces!

Advantages of using porcelain tiles for your terrace floor.

Porcelain tiles will work much better on a terrace rather than other tile types. Learn their technical qualities and see why it is a great idea to install them as your terrace floor.

  • Porcelain tiles have a low absorbency rate (0.05-0.5%). It is one of the reasons for their resistance to extreme temperature changes. Thanks to this quality they maintain their dimensional stability in both high and sub-zero temperatures, which makes them perfect for outdoor use.
  • Porcelain tiles are very durable – they are wear resistant, as well as extremely resistant to mechanical stress and damage. They are also UV-resistant.
  • Porcelain tiles can be used anywhere – they will work just as well on a terrace, as in a living room. This allows for a coherent design, bringing together the inside and outside leisure spaces of the house in an aesthetic fashion.
  • Cerrad porcelain tiles are glazed. Thanks to their glazed surface there is no need to apply a protective sealant, nor is there the need for any special maintenance. In addition, their high resistance to stains allows for easy everyday care.

Which Cerrad porcelain tiles should you choose for your terrace?

When choosing a material for your terrace floor, apart from technical qualities, one should also consider the aesthetic qualities with their many attractive designs. Contemporary design means a simple easy going style, return to nature and the continuously fashionable industrial look. Therefore, materials used most often on terrace floors have the appearance of wood or concrete.

  • wood-like porcelain tiles

  • concrete

The Apenino series of tiles is a great choice for fans of raw concrete. It is an offer for those who love minimalistic solutions and want to create an industrial style nook on their terrace. The tiles in the Montego Batista and Tassero collections look remarkably like concrete..