Light or dark tiles? What colour best suits the bathroom?
Light or dark tiles? What colour best suits the bathroom?
12 August 2019

Light or dark tiles? What colour best suits the bathroom?

The bathroom is a place of relaxation, so it needs to be as comfortable as possible. This is why you should pay attention to its aesthetics. A trendy bathroom should be both pleasing to the eye and soothing. Ceramic tiles are the key aspect here. What colour should you choose? Take a look at our ideas. 

Having to choose from the wide variety of available colours and patterns may seem a bit like a challenge. The interior must be designed functionally and tastefully. If you are trying to decide between light and dark bathroom tiles, bear in mind that current trends do not favour one option over the other. The key is to use suitable materials and keep balance between the colours being used. You should also consider the size of the room, although nowadays fewer people agree with the idea that dark colours should not be used in small spaces. However, dark shades should not dominate so that the bathroom does not feel closed in and small.

We present three inspirations for bathroom decor in light and dark colours. 

What should you consider when choosing bathroom tiles? 

The purpose of bathroom tiles is to serve for many years, so it’s important that you pay attention to the technical specifications, which in turn are proof of the tile quality and comfort of use.  Due to the specific moisture conditions in bathrooms, stoneware tiles are the recommended material for these interiors. Unlike the popular glazed tiles, stoneware tiles have a higher resistance to water absorption, they are slip resistant and highly universal. Stoneware can be applied on both the floor and walls, as opposed to glazed tiles, which are not at all suitable for floors. In addition, stoneware has one more advantage over the glazed tiles: it is durable and therefore resistant to scratches as well as mechanical damage.

Our bathroom decor ideas 

Are you looking for an inspiration? Would you like to create your own exclusive bathroom space? Take a look at a few of our ideas where we use both light and dark stoneware tiles:

  • a bright minimalistic space (light bathroom tiles)

The combination of white and light wood material is a universal solution which is never out of fashion. The reason why the minimalistic style has stolen the hearts of so many interior designers is that such compositions match every room, regardless of its size; besides, it is the most popular way to make the room visually more spacious. In fact, using shiny tiles on the walls will make the room look and feel more spacious thanks to the light reflection effect they create. This result can be achieved with the following Cerrad collections:

  • Cool concrete (dark bathroom tiles)

A simple and muted interior has its own character, which is why we can’t omit interiors with concrete-type tiles. This is an excellent option in the minimalistic style, with simplicity and proportion as its dominant features. For those who like to have a clean and organised space, the best option will be concrete, which is suitable for both small and big bathrooms. Although it is dark, the room will not feel muted and closed in.

To design an interior in a similar, modern style, use tiles from the following collection:

  • The compromise: light and dark tiles 

A perfect solution for those who like both, but cannot decide, and really shouldn’t have to!!! By combining light and dark tiles you achieve a fabulous effect, while at the same time dividing the bathroom space into its own respective areas. This decor will work well in both modern and classic interiors.

This effect can be achieved by combining tiles from the following collections: